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2011 Tile Festival




Tile Restoration

Juried Show:


This year’s theme for the juried show, “Signage”, references the millennial old tradition of marking shops, professional offices and residences with tile signs.  Before literacy became wide spread, the signs used images and symbols rather than words.  Come see how contemporary tile work reflect, alter and adapt this long tradition.


2011 ATNW Juried Winner – Claire Dohna 


2011 Tile Heritage Winner – Mary Lynn Buss

Our Juror:



the 6th Annual Artisan Tile NW juried show, September 30, 2011

Sandy Haight, local creator of Madison Valley’s current colorful street banners, has built a successful illustration career working with designers and agencies throughout the US and Canada. She currently teaches Watercolor for Illustration at Bellevue Community College and regularly shows her watercolor and sumi brush art in juried shows throughout the PacificNW. Websites: and