Class IN Session….

June 24-26, 2011

Seattle, Washington
Presented by Potters Council |

Hosted by Artisan Tile Northwest at Seattle University

Presentation Highlights:Understanding of equipment used in tile making and setting.How to install tiles in a variety of settings: walls, floors, interior, exterior, wet areas and tabletops.Understand proper mortar mixing and trowel techniques.What substrates are suitable for tile setting and the importance of tile layout.How to explore a new direction in the making of tile as fine art.Gain knowledge in the construction methods used to create very large scale architectural projectswithin the confines of a small ceramic studio.Trouble shoot your tile making dilemmas while walking through the entire handmade tile process: slab rolling, handling, kiln loading and firing. Discover the pitfalls.How to make flat tiles.Questions about public art commissioning process, bring them and have them answered.Wetware slip decorating techniques: transferring images onto wetware tiles, combing, chattering, slip application tips, masking and resists, sgraffito tips, brushwork with slip and underglazes



Saturdays Potters Conference Sessions….

Angelica Pozo is demonstrating how slip should be brushed on


Robin Hopper carving through one glaze to reveal the first glaze which had already been fired onto the “porcelain canvas”


Sunday’s School..

Peter King

Peter King and Xinia Marin handbuilding a column using Clay Art Center’s Akio clay.

Nadine Edelstein discussing tile installation

Thank you Sallie Herling for the Pictures!