Fund Raiser for Volunteer Park Conservatory

Local Artists Help Save the Conservatory

JOIN US September 15th at the Volunteer Park Conservatory for the Annual Fund Raising Plant Sale. Friends of the Conservatory will be sponsoring their annual plant sale as well as Victorian Days, August 12th. Local members of the Artisan Tile Northwest (ATNW) and Washington Clay Artists (WCA)¬†will be donating a variety of “Botanical” themed Handmade pots, tiles and garden art at these events.

As the Conservatory approaches its 100-year anniversary, its age is showing. A great deal of work has been done to repair the old buildings, but more is still needed. Unfortunately, City budget constraints have limited building maintenance. The Friends of the Conservatory group have done much to raise awareness and encourage public support. They are the movers and shakers behind the August 12th birthday party, dubbed Victorian Day, The Conservatory’s 100th Year Celebration, and the annual Fall Plant Sale on Saturday, September 15th, as well as many other supportive functions. Local citizens clearly want this precious resource to be maintained for many more generations to enjoy.

From the beginning, the Volunteer Park Conservatory’s mission was to educate the public, to collect and conserve threatened plants and to transport visitors beyond the open green spaces of the Park to another world that examines connected environments and plant species from around the globe. This philosophy continues today, and the Conservatory offers a wide variety of classes and activities of interest to all ages

Friends of the Conservatory will have an information/sales table at the Artisan Tile NW Annual Handmade Tile Show , November 3rd at the U of W Center for Urban Horticulture. The artists are donating a variety of handmade “botanical” themed tiles for the Conservatory’s fundraising efforts. The public is invited to help by attending these events and purchasing the donated artwork.

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