June Newsletter Article- Arlington Installation

Tile Installation on Rails to Trails in Arlington, WA

Tile mosaics of American Robins, Northern Flickers, Cedar Waxwings, Crows and a Barn Owl are now permanently installed along several miles of the Centennial Trail, a “Rails to Trails” route that runs for 30 miles from Snohomish to the Skagit County line. Renee O’Connor of Willapa Bay Tile & Design of Ocean Park, WA finished the installation a few weeks ago. Each mosaic panel is 36″W x 18″H. 

The results:

 P1030572 P1030563 wall

P1030557 P1030558 P1030366 P1030352P1030350 P1030345 P1030208

The Molding process: P1030106 P1030111 P1030116 P1030154 P1030156 P1030163