Paul Lewing Workshop at Silver City



new    directions    in    china    painting    [paul    lewing]

In this workshop students will explore methods of applying and firing china paint on pottery and ceramic tile. Participants will use all kinds of brushes, and will also stamp, print, spray, and stencil china paints.  Students will investigate resist and wipeout techniques, traditional shading and ground-laying methods, and nontraditional materials such as structure pastes, raised enamels, and chipping powder.  Each student will decorate tiles or pottery (handmade or commercial) with their own designs.  Work will be fired each night, and students will leave with finished pieces.
THURSDAY, JULY 31           9:00 am – 5:00 pm        New Directions in China Painting           (DAY 2 of 3)            Paul Lewing
Silver City CLAY Festival 2012 | PO Box 2383, Silver City, New Mexico, 88062 | 575-538-5560 |

Gearing up for 2014 Tile Festival

Tile Prospectus Form and Press Release Available

View additional information at the 2014 Tile Festival  TAB and Drop Down Tab Online payment is available   ATNW 2014 Tile Fest Prospectus  PDF form Note:  Show application deadline needs to be postmarked by Sept. 5th. Fee increases by $25 after that date. Juried show entry needs to be emailed by October 8th.     Press release 2014(1)  PDF form


June Newsletter Article-Philadelphia Tiles

Tiles in Philadelphia

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania to attend the Doylestown Tile Festival, Larry Faucher had the chance to take in the Philadelphia Art Museum. While awed by their extensive collection from ancient to modern, the inveterate tile collector was pleasantly surprised to see many tiles on display. The tiles were treated as a true art form, equal in skill, creativity and inspiration as any other medium. Though not as plentiful as other types of art, the tiles were nicely placed in context with other art of the period. 


Philly-Art-Mus-222-13thC-Persian (1) Persian 13th C.

(note white oval is glare on glass from overhead lights.)


Philly-Art-Mus-220-16thC-Persian (1) Persian Late 16th C


Philly-Art-Mus-240p (1) Dutch 17th C


Philly-Art-Mus-232b Dutch 17th-18th C


Philly-Art-Mus-210-THDeck-19thC (1) French, 19th C



Philly-B-Ross-273 (2) (1)
Also, while visiting the “Betsy Ross House” in Philadelphia, I noticed a nice fireplace with Dutch tile ornamentation. This was probably typical of 18th C. American homes in Dutch settlements.


Philly-Art-Mus-221-16thC-Persian Persian 16th C


Philly-Art-Mus-245 (1)

Philly-Art-Mus-248 (1)  Dutch 17th C




June Newsletter Article- Arlington Installation

Tile Installation on Rails to Trails in Arlington, WA

Tile mosaics of American Robins, Northern Flickers, Cedar Waxwings, Crows and a Barn Owl are now permanently installed along several miles of the Centennial Trail, a “Rails to Trails” route that runs for 30 miles from Snohomish to the Skagit County line. Renee O’Connor of Willapa Bay Tile & Design of Ocean Park, WA finished the installation a few weeks ago. Each mosaic panel is 36″W x 18″H. 

The results:

 P1030572 P1030563 wall

P1030557 P1030558 P1030366 P1030352P1030350 P1030345 P1030208

The Molding process: P1030106 P1030111 P1030116 P1030154 P1030156 P1030163

Edmonds Garden Show



Garden Gallery show and sale May 31-June 1. It is in the gardens of one of the artists, Deborah Taylor, thus it is a show by invitation, though we welcome your friends.
The gardens are very beautiful and interesting with a living trellis and chair, outdoor rooms, and perennials mixed with vegetables–all planted with the eye of an artist.


BAAS Framing Studio Show

Spring Art Exhibition

Baas Framing Gallery


Hand Built

Ceramic Art & Tile by Northwest Artists

March 26 – May 31, 2014


Opening Reception:

 Wednesday March 26 from 5 to 8 p.m.


“Fern Tile With Poppies”
Glazed Ceramic Tile by Maria Root
“Hand Built: Ceramic Art and Tile by Northwest Artists” is an invitational exhibition featuring a diverse group of Northwest ceramic artists. From pictorial tiles to sculpture to garden art and mosaics, these artists use clay in creative and highly individual modes.  Featured artists include:
Sandi Bransford
Laura Brodax
Barbara Clark
Susan Cohen Thompson
Tracy Gosser
Heather Kraft
Cary Lane
Maggie Roberts
Maria Root
“Medieval Flowers”
8″ x 8″ Glazed Ceramic Tile by Tracy Gosser
“Three Crows”
4″ x 8″ Glazed Ceramic Tile by Barbara Clark
Baas Framing Studio
2703 East Madison
Seattle, WA 98112
Mon – Sat 10 – 6

Heron’s Nest Gallery – ATNW Member Featured Artist


Vashon Island’s Heron’s Nest gallery show cases a featured artist each month. ATNW member Mary Lynn Buss is the featured artist for March.  The show opening is March 7, from 6 to 9 pm. The show will feature works of from her “Acts of God” works and her Aura series.

The Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton has just concluded it’s seventh annual all state, all media art show. Over 280 artists from 70 cities submitted 771 artworks for consideration. Of these only 116 pieces were selected. ATNW member was one of the artists selected. In spite of the fact that the juror, Jamie Walker, a UW professor of art and a note ceramic artist Mary Lynn’s work was the only tile work in the show.


The Big Bang was in the CVG show.
 Quake Crack from the Acts of God series.
 2012 01 05_Tiles_0440