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Curator: Kelly Morrison 

Exhibition dates: March 2- April 6, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 2, 2013, 6-8pm

Most of the time, galleries post notices that say “Please Don’t Touch”. This is an exhibition to break that barrier and invite gallery visitors to experience art through touch.

 We will offer special “touch tours” for the sight impaired, for children, and for others who are interested in a different way to experience these works. All art is tactile, touchable or otherwise interactive.

All mediums are represented – sculpture, dimensional collage, textured paintings, textiles, glass, art that makes sound, boxes/windows/drawers that open – maybe even with touchable contents, carvings, clay.

Don’t miss something different and thought provoking!

  Participating artists:
Beth Anderson, Daya Bonnie Astor,
Yonnah Ben Levy, Chaim Bezalel,
 Craig Breitbach, Monique Catino,
Tami Donnelly, Anita Feng,
Taimay Jones, Lisa Lloyd,
Pandy Savage McVay, Leslie Moon,
Elaine Moore, Kat Morrell,
Karen B. Morrice, Mary Lynne Poole,
Juliette Ripley-Dunkelberger,
Judy Salas, Donna Schill,
Margaret Joyce Van Duine