Paul Lewing Workshop at Silver City



new    directions    in    china    painting    [paul    lewing]

In this workshop students will explore methods of applying and firing china paint on pottery and ceramic tile. Participants will use all kinds of brushes, and will also stamp, print, spray, and stencil china paints.  Students will investigate resist and wipeout techniques, traditional shading and ground-laying methods, and nontraditional materials such as structure pastes, raised enamels, and chipping powder.  Each student will decorate tiles or pottery (handmade or commercial) with their own designs.  Work will be fired each night, and students will leave with finished pieces.
THURSDAY, JULY 31           9:00 am – 5:00 pm        New Directions in China Painting           (DAY 2 of 3)            Paul Lewing
Silver City CLAY Festival 2012 | PO Box 2383, Silver City, New Mexico, 88062 | 575-538-5560 |