Portland Studio Tour

Portland Tour Grp

Our Portland studio tour was fabulous! We toured Ann Sacks, Pratt and Larson, Tempest Tileworks and Tile Restoration. Thank you so much to Steve Moon for organizing the tours and for sharing your studio!
It was a great way to see the processes we all know and love (mostly) on a wide range of scales. We started with the most sleek and mechanized on Friday and moved toward the increasingly “made by hand” studios on Saturday. We saw tiles cut by machine (with hands to guide them) all the way to the use of pizza cutters. I went straight to the kitchen store and picked up a pizza cutter!
It felt like time travel to see the growth of the same processes turned in to  a major production over time. In Pratt and Larson the sheer number of tiles in every stage of production spread over two floors was truly mind boggling. How can they possibly keep track of them?

Images below are SOME of the glaze choices at Pratt and Larson and a room full of SOME of their kilns.

Thanks again Steve!

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