Tile Members ~ a Call to Action



Elisabeth C. Miller Library/ATNW Tile Show

at University of Washington

Center for Urban Horticulture Library Show

 From approx Sept 3 thru the last week of October, ATNW members will display tiles for sale throughout the Miller Library.   Gail Glosser and Chris Seminara are organizing and hanging the show.

Quantity/Size of Tiles

 If you are interested in participating, you may enter one or two tiles. Only several tiles will be hung on hooks. 95% of them will be positioned on small easels. Because of this, please limit the size of tiles to a maximum of 10″ x 10″.


 Each tile entered is to be available for sale at the show with a 25% commission going to the library. In order to make things easy, please include the tax in your price and round up to the dollar.


 The theme of your tiles should be botanical or nature-inspired.


 We will be following up shortly with a form so you can prperly identify each tile

Hanging and Take down

 The show will be hung on or about Sept. 3. All tiles must be provided to us by August 28th which is just before the Labor Day weekend. We do not expect to add to the show once it is initially hung. If you want to bring your tile(s) to the August (or even July) meeting, that will work. Gail and I will brainstorm other options.

 Please keep in mind that the show will coincide with our Annual Tile Festival, so you won’t want to enter a tile you rather show/sell at the festival.

 Advertising, Opening,

 We dropped o copies of the ATNW booklet and they are already being displayed along with preliminary notice. We will develop some signage and possibly some postcards. e library is eager to include an announcement on their website. We will do the same on our website and FB page, and will also discuss having an opening.

 We look forward to seeing your selections.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Gail and I

(gglosser@cairncross.com,cseminara.ceramics@gmail.com )