June Newsletter Article-Philadelphia Tiles

Tiles in Philadelphia

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania to attend the Doylestown Tile Festival, Larry Faucher had the chance to take in the Philadelphia Art Museum. While awed by their extensive collection from ancient to modern, the inveterate tile collector was pleasantly surprised to see many tiles on display. The tiles were treated as a true art form, equal in skill, creativity and inspiration as any other medium. Though not as plentiful as other types of art, the tiles were nicely placed in context with other art of the period. 


Philly-Art-Mus-222-13thC-Persian (1) Persian 13th C.

(note white oval is glare on glass from overhead lights.)


Philly-Art-Mus-220-16thC-Persian (1) Persian Late 16th C


Philly-Art-Mus-240p (1) Dutch 17th C


Philly-Art-Mus-232b Dutch 17th-18th C


Philly-Art-Mus-210-THDeck-19thC (1) French, 19th C



Philly-B-Ross-273 (2) (1)
Also, while visiting the “Betsy Ross House” in Philadelphia, I noticed a nice fireplace with Dutch tile ornamentation. This was probably typical of 18th C. American homes in Dutch settlements.


Philly-Art-Mus-221-16thC-Persian Persian 16th C


Philly-Art-Mus-245 (1)

Philly-Art-Mus-248 (1)  Dutch 17th C