UPDATE on Devastating Steve Moon’s Studio Fire

Press Release                                                                               September 9th, 2012


Our dear friend and colleague Steve Moon suffered devastating studio fire yesterday (http://www.kgw.com/news/local/Auto-shop-on-fire-in-N-Portland-168951026.html). The Tile Restoration Center is located next to the Auto shop in the KGW story. He just finished relocating his tile studio from Seattle to Portland. We are rallying the troops to assist Steve in whatever it takes him and wife Tina to get back on their feet. Steve is a founding member of Artisan Tile Northwest, past president and current treasurer.  He tirelessly works for our organization and is always generous and of kind spirit.  We are working on making his ceramics business whole again and help a fellow tiler in need.

Please send him a check if you feel you can help. Or contact me if you have questions.

Here Steve’s home addresses:

Steve Moon

2541 N. Halleck St.

Portland, OR 97217


Thank you all kindly!

Claudia Riedener, ATNW President,


Contact: Claudia Riedener

   ATNW President