Disguised Toast and Bleed Esports: Work Together.

Disguised Toast and Bleed Esports: Work Together.

It’s very interesting that Disguised Toast and Bleed Esports have decided to work together on the Malaysia/Singapore (MYSG) Valorant scene. Recently, both groups came together to work together. Disguised Toast will leave the Valorant scene in North America because of this deal and go back to the Pacific.

A Visit from Toast at Home

It’s easier for founder and CEO Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang to bring the idea closer to home since he has family in both Malaysia and Singapore. A spot in the VCT Pacifics with Bleed Esports’ help is clearly the goal.

As the brave community’s promise

In working together with this group, Bleed Esports showed its support for the MYSG Valorant scene. In order to get people involved, the group fully supports DSG’s involvement in the Valorant Challengers and plans to plan activities and watch parties in the community.

“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Disguised’s expansion into Asia,” said Ian Huston, Chief Operating Officer of Bleed. In addition, he stressed how important it was to help Challengers and the MYSG area.

It’s more than just help in the area

The working together goes beyond making alliances in the same field. Because they have agreed to work together, both sides are ready to make interesting content and work together to reach their goals.

Since Bleed wants to help DSG build a name for itself in the Asian market, DSG’s place in North America might make it easier for Bleed to get into the e-sports scene there.

The Really High Goals of Toast

With a mask on To talk about his new goals for the club, Toast told the press, “One of my goals with DSG is to make it a global brand, and I’ve always wanted to expand to Asia.” Growing up, I lived in Malaysia from one year old to thirteen years old. That place makes me excited to go back because it’s been so long since I last saw it.

Learn more about the DSG x Bleed Valorant team.

These people make up the Valorant team for this successful partnership:

  • Lee Bryce, additionally known as “bryce”
  • This is Heng Wong, also known as “JayH.”
  • That word “juicy” fits Tyler perfectly.
  • Adly, who goes by the name “Riza”
  • People call him “Wayne” Chang.
  • Coach’s name is Alexander “alexRr” Frisch.

Trying to Get Things Right

As Bleed did, the DSG x Bleed Valorant team wants to get into the VCT Pacific League in 2024. The Japanese team SCARZ lost to Bleed 3-0 in the grand final of the 2023 Ascension event. This win is a big part of their current string of victories.

This is why the fact that both Disguised Toast and Bleed Esports have returned to the MYSG Valorant scene is a big deal for both of them. They are both dedicated to making the Valorant community better, so when they work together, they will be able to do many new things and be successful in esports competitions. Soon there will be a trip that will be amazing, so stay tuned with SLOT GAMPANG MENANG!